Q.1 What is means of Energy conservation?

A. increase in energy consumption

B. reduction in energy consumption

C. energy consumption remains same

D. none of the above

Ans.: B

Q.2 In Energy conservation, reduction in energy consumption ____the quality and quantity of output.

A. without affecting

B. with affecting

C. may be affect

D. Any of the above

Ans.: A

Q.3 India’s fossil fuel reserves are __

A. unlimited

B. limited

C. next few years

D. next thousand years

Ans.: B

Q.4 India has _____which may be last for about 200 years.

A. huge oil reserves

B. natural has reserves

C. coal reserves

D. nuclear fuels reserves

Ans.: C

Q.5 In Indian coal which of the followings are major concern?

A. it has high ash content

B. it associated greenhouse gas emissions

C. Both A and B

D. it has high calorific value

Ans.: C

Q.6 which of the following is the least cost option in any given strategies?

A. efficient use of energy and its conservation

B. efficient use of energy

C. conservation of energy

D. imposing extra demand on power system

Ans.: A

Q.7 Which of the following is the fundamental concept of physics along with the conservation of momentum and conservation of mass?

A. extra demand on power system

B. conservation of energy

C. increasing per capita consumption of electrical energy

D. decreasing per capita consumption of electrical energy

Ans.: B

Q.08 Total amount of energy in the universe is __

A, always changeable

B. always in decreasing

C. remains constant

D. any of the above

Ans.: C

Q.9 The energy is

A. neither created

B. nor destroyed

C. Both A and B

D. Only B

Ans.: C

Q.10 Which of the following is/are true of Energy in the universe?

A. Energy can be converted from one form to other form

B. total energy within the domain is constant

C. energy neither created nor destroyed

D. All of the above

Ans.: D

Q.11 Which of the following plays an important or crucial role to accelerate the development process and to meet increasing energy demand?

A. energy conservation

B. increase generation to meet increasing demand

C. load shedding

D. reduce energy consumption

Ans.: A

Q.12 By which of the following, can significantly reduce the need of new investment in energy generation or supply?

A. reduce present consumption

B. energy conservation

C. load shedding

D. supply fixed number of hour in particular area

Ans.: B

Q.13 The fossil fuel contributes to

A. Air pollution

B. Water pollution

C. Both A and B

D. Only A

Ans.: C

Q.14 Which of the following gas is produce when coal, oil and gas combust in power station, automobiles and heating systems?

A. Oxygen

B. methane

C. Carbon dioxide

D. Nitrogen and oxygen

Ans.: C

Q.15 Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contributes to the

A. Global warming

B. Greenhouse effect

C. Both A and B

D. A or B

Ans.: D

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