Q.371 Hard steel is suitable for making permanent magnets because
A. it has good residual magnetism
B. its hysteresis loop has large area
C. its mechanical strength is high
D. it mechanical strength is low
Ans.: A

Q.372 A graph showing variations of discharge with time, at a particular point of a stream is known as
A. Mass inflow curve

B. Logistic curve
C. Hydrograph

D. None of the above
Ans.: C

Q.373 Hot working process is carried out above which temperature?
A. Lower Critical Temperature
B. Upper Critical Temperature
C. Red Hot Temperature
D. Recrystallisation Temperature
Ans.: D

Q.374 Batteries are charged by
A. Rectifiers

B. engine generator sets
C. motor generator sets

D. any one of the above method
Ans.: D

Q.375 The angle between two forces is___ when the resultant is maximum and minimum respectively
A. 0° and 180°

B. 180° and 0°

C. 90° and 180°

D. 90° and 0°
Ans.: A

Q.376 the armature core of a DC generator is usually made of
A. silicon steel

B. copper

C. nonferrous material

D. cast iron
Ans.: A

Q.377 Concurrent forces are those forces whose lines of action
A. Lie on the same line

B. Meet at one point
C. Meet on the same plane

D. None of the above
Ans.: B

Q.378 which one of the following is solid joining process?
A. Spot welding

B. Soldering

C. Brazing

D. Friction welding
Ans.: D

Q.379 A transformer oil must be free from
A. sludge

B. odour

C. gases

D. moisture
Ans.: D

Q.380 The three forces of 100N, 200N and 300N have their lines of action parallel to each other but act in the opposite directions. These forces a e known as
A. Coplanar concurrent forces
B. Coplanar non-concurrent forces
C. Like parallel forces
D. Unlike parallel forces
Ans.: D

Q.381 DC generators are installed near the load centers to reduce
A. Iron losses

B. Line losses
C. Sparking

D. Corona losses
Ans.: B

Q.382 The maximum frictional force, which comes into play, when a body just begins to slide over than surface of the other body, is known as
A. Static friction

B. Dynamic friction
C. Limiting friction
D. Coefficient of friction
Ans.: C

Q.383 The frame of an induction motor is usually made of
A. silicon steel

B. cast iron

C. aluminium

D. bronze
Ans.: B

Q.384 A machine having an efficiency less than 50% is known as
A. Reversible machine
B. Non reversible machine
C. Neither reversible nor non reversible machine
D. Ideal machine
Ans.: A

Q.385 When the temperature of a solid metal increases
A. Strength of the metal decreases but ductility increases
B. Both strength of the metal and ductility increases
C. Strength of the metal increases but ductility decreases
D. Both strength of the metal and ductility decreases
Ans.: A

Q.386 Two transformers operating in parallel will share the load depending upon their
A. Leakage reactance
B. Per unit impedance
C. Efficiencies D. Ratings
Ans.: B

Q.387 In fuel cell, the ____ energy is converted into electrical energy
A. mechanical
B. chemical
C. heat

D. sound
Ans. B

Q.388 An open coil has
A. zero resistance and inductance
B. infinite resistance and zero
C. infinite resistance and normal inductance
D. zero resistance and high inductance
Ans.: B

Q.389 The commonly used rain gauge is
A. Weighing bucket type

B. Tipping bucket type
C. Float type

D. None of the above
Ans.: C

Q.390 The farming equipment are made by
A. Forging process

B. Welding process
C. Machining process

D. Casting process
Ans.: A


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