Q.101 Due to skin effect
A. current flows through the half cross section of the conductor
B. portion of the conductor near the surface carries less current and the core of the conductor carries more current
C. portion of the conductor near the surface carries more current and the core of the conductor carries less current
D. uniform current flows through the conductor
Ans.: C

Q.102 In a power plant, a reserve generating capacity which is not in service but is in operation is known as
A. hot reserve
B. Spinning reserve
C. Cold reserve
D. firm reserve
Ans.: A

Q.103 The main advantages of using fractional pitch winding is reduce
A. amount of copper in the winding
B. size of the machine
C. harmonics in the generated emf
D. cost of the machine
Ans.: C

Q.104 I a series RLC circuit, at resonance,
A. current is maximum and power factor is unity
B. current is minimum and power factor is 0.5
C. current is maximum and power factor is 0.5
D. current is minimum and power factor is unity
Ans.: A

Q.105 Distribution transformers have good all day efficiency due to
A. low copper loss
B. low iron loss
C. low copper as well as iron loss
D. low voltage
Ans.: B

Q.106 A 3-phase, 6 pole induction motor operates on 440V, 50 Hz supply. If the actual speed of the motor is 960 r.p.m, the slip will be
A. 6%
B. 5 %
C. 4 %
D. 0.4%
Ans.: C

Q.107 What happens to the contents of RAM when the power of the computer is turned off?
A. Content is lost
B. content remains intact
C. content is transferred to other memory
D. content gets corrupted
Ans.: A

Q.108 Under operating conditions, the secondary of a current transformer is always short circuited because
A. it protects the primary circuits
B. it avoids core saturation and high voltage induction
C. it is safe to human beings
D. it protects the secondary circuits
Ans.: B

Q.109 The advantage of slip-ring induction motor over the squirrel cage induction motor is
A. it is suitable for higher speeds
B. it has a higher efficiency
C. its power factor is higher
D. it can be started with the help of rotor resistances
Ans.: D

Q.110 the corona effect can be minimized by increasing
A. the length of the conductor
B. spacing between the conductors
C. diameter of the conductor
D. both spacing between the conductors and diameter of the conductor
Ans.: D

Q.111 Different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable and a/an
A. Modem
B. interface card
C. special wires
D. telephone line
Ans.: A

Q.112 In which of the following motors, the stator rotor magnetic fields rotate at the same speed?
A. universal motor
B. synchronous motor
C. reluctance motor
D. induction motor
Ans.: B

Q.113 The form factor in a.c means the ratio of
A. Peak value to average value
B. RMS value to average value
C. peak value to rms value
D. RMS value to peak value
Ans.: B

Q.114 A fuse is inserted in
A. phase wire
B. neutral wire
C. Both phase and neutral wire
D. Earth continuity conductor
Ans.: A
Q.115 kilobyte, megabyte and gigabyte are measuring units used in a computer. How many megabytes make one gigabyte?
A. 1042
B. 1000
C. 1024
D. 1204
Ans.: C


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