Q.41 A relay used for protection of motors against overload is

A. impedance relay

B. electromagnetic attraction type

C. thermal relay

D. Buchholz’s relay

Ans.: C

Q.42 With effect from ___ India has adopted a new legislation called the Electricity Act, 2003.

A. 2, June 2003

B. 3, June 2003

C. 2 May 2003

D. none of the above

Ans.: A

Q.43 Capacitance is the ability of a body to store an__

A. electric charge

B. electric current

C. voltage

D. all of the above

Ans.: A

Q.44 For 11 KV line the inductance per km per phase will be of order of:

A. 1 H

B. 0.1 H

C. 1 mH

D. 0.1 H

Ans.: C

Q.45 The SI unit of energy us:

A. Joule

B. Newton

C. Coulomb

D. Henry

Ans.: A

Q.46 A circuit breaker is designed to protect an electric circuit from damage caused by

A. over load

B. short circuit

C. Over current

D. all of the above

Ans.: D

Q.47 The number of cycles in which a high speed circuit breaker can complete its operation is

A. 1 to 8

B. 10 to 18

C. 20 to 30

D. 40 to 50

Ans.: A

Q.48 The rating of fuse wire is always expressed in ____

A. Ampere-hours

B. KWh

C. Amperes

D. Ampere-volts

Ans.: C

Q.49 A 17 inch personal computer uses approximately 150 watts in an hours. If you have same computer on for only 4 minutes (for checking e-mail) what would be the power consumption?

A. 0.1 KW

B. 0.04 KW

C. 0.01 KW

D. none of the above

Ans.: C

Q.50 The UGVCL is operative in the __ Gujarat.

A. Northern

B. Southern

C. Central

D. Western

Ans.: A

Q.51 The KVA rating of three phase transformer with voltage = 200 V and current 100 A will be:

A. 34.64 KVA

B. 75 KVA

C. 20 KVA

D. none of the above

Ans.: A

Q.52 GUVNL is:

A. Gujarat UrjaVikas Nigam Limited

B. Gujarat UrjaVikasNikash Limited

C. Gujarat UrjaVyapar Nigam Limited

D. none of the above

Ans.: A

Q.53 The friction losses in Real Transformer are:

A. 0%

B. 5%

C. 25%

D. 50%

Ans.: A

Q.54 Transformer core is laminated to ___.

A. reduce hysteresis loss

B. reduce eddy current losses

C. reduce copper losses

D. reduce all above losses

Ans.: C

Q.55 Step-down transformer converts high voltage and low current into

A. high voltage and high current

B. high voltage and low current

C. low voltage and high current

D. none of the above

Ans.: C

Q.56 The permissible voltage variation in transmission and distribution system is:

A. ±0.1 %

B. ±1%

C. ±10%

D. ±25%

Ans.: C

Q.57 A transformer __

A. changes DC to AC

B. Changes AC to DC

C. Step up or down Dc voltage and current

D. Step up or down AC voltages and current

Ans.: D

Q.58 Increasing the number of turns of wire on the secondary of a transformer will

A. decreasing the secondary current

B. increasing the primary current

C. Have no effect on the secondary current

D. increase the secondary current

Ans.: A

Q.59 In a transmission line if booster transformers are be used, preferred location will be

A. At the receiving end

B. At the sending end

C. At the intermediate point

D. anywhere in the line

Ans.: C

Q.60 Core type transformers are popular in___

A. high voltage applications

B. low voltage applications

C. all of the above

D. none of the above

Ans.: A


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